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2007 ACTE Convention and Career Tech Expo

My name is Tina Steele and I am the Technology Director for Tri County Technology Center in Bartlesville, Oklahoma. I attended the ACTE (Association for Career and Technical Education) Conference in Las Vegas.

I decided a Wiki would be a great place to record my experience. If you find this wiki and attended the conference, please feel free to request to join and record your experiences. I find that the people who attend this conference are very passionate about education. They came from all over the United States. There were over 1000 new attendees and over 6000 attended.

One of the associations we have partnered with this year is "High Schools that Work" and "Project Lead the Way." These are only two of a huge list of companies and organizations that are helping to shape the future of our schools.

Apple had a lab here and a group of students assembled media that was shared at the end of the event! Woot!

Jan Bray, Executive Director gave an update on what has been going with ACTE and what their positions have been with education reform on Capital Hill. ACTE efforts result in $25 million increase to Perkins FY08 funding. The bill was vetoed, but they are working to make sure that we don't lose funding for what we had last year.

They have established a research clearing house on their web site. They will be taking what the research center does and disseminate the information. ACTE is also creating series of webcasts, podcasts and blogs. They said there is a blog going on at the convention. Here is the link to the Convention Blog!

ACTE is also establishing state profiles with extensive information on how CTE is done.

"When spider webs unite, they can tie up a lion" Old Ethiopian proverb....

To see some pictures of the opening general presentation, speakers and exhibit, check out my Picasa album.

I have also created a social network for career and technical educators where they can collaborate on projects, share ideas, and become more familiar with Web 2.0. tools. Click on the badge below and join!

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