Mike Schmidt from Ford Motor Company

Mention Daniel Pink's Book "A Whole New Mind"
(You can listen more to Dan Pink here.)

Next Generation Learning
1. Critial and Central Importance of Innovation and Creativity.
  • "Innovation is not recognized as the single most important ingredient in any modern economy" The Economist
  • Seeing What customers ave not yet imagined but will instantly desire
  • Flattening the innovation heiarchy
2. Building Next Generation Skills
  • Partnership for 21st Century Skills
  • 21st Century Context and Content
  • Higher-Order Thinking and Learning Skills
  • Life and Career Skills
  • Media Skills
3. Focus on Building Sustainable Learning Environments
  • Educational Environments Where Teaching and Learing are Intimately Connected with the Wider Community
  • Where Educators Work with Leaders from across the community to link rigor and relevance in meaningful and ongoing ways
  • Linking rigor and relevance must drive content, structure, and pedagogy (not the other way around),
4. Focus on Building Sustainable Learning Communities
  • Ford Career Academy Innovacation Communities (Ford CAIC) Key Points
  • Provide roadmap for community leaders
  • Currently in 7 communities
  • High school redesign
  • Only been doing 1 year

5. It takes a Movement, Not a Monument
  • Cheryl Carrier Director 21st Century Education Programs

What do we mean by "Innovation?"

Focused Creativity

  • Team based
  • Combining of many ideas
  • paradigm-shifting, creating a tipping point
  • Requires different skill mix, higher level skills
  • Right and left brain: creativity and out of the box thinking and problem solving, critical and analytical thinking