Ruby Payne Keynote Speaker

ACTE Online, 2007
Ruby Payne was the keynote speaker during the general session. She discussed the "hidden rules" about poverty and what children experience in schools. She also discussed hidden rules with middle class and wealthy societies. She said that people equate hidden rules as intelligence. ACTE had an interview with Ruby Payne and you can view it here.

Here is a list of the books she has written.

She has wonderful insight into people and students. She truly spoke from the heart with a great insight into what truly goes on with people and how they relate and learn. I will definitely have to buy some of her books. She spoke with humor and she emphasized how critical relationship is with students and how it impacts with learning.

One of the huge issues she talked about is language. She said a big hurdle that students from poverty have is language. By third generation of poverty there is hardly any register of formal language. Job Interviews, textbooks and school is difficult without formal register. Frozen, formal, consultative, casual and intimate and the levels of register. (She had a slide that defined each of these levels of register.) (Note to self to find definitions).